How to hack your mind deep to your subconsciousness (Having Great Confidence Series Part 2)

Sound creates your personality, Words define who you are each day. I know it and you know it as well.


Ear by broadstreetstudio

Thus everyday we here positive words that can build or uplift us.

But there are words that can drown or destroy us as well.

Hearing advices for you to make decisions are the best example for these


from Lifehacker

Do this and do that… those are the phrases you mostly hear.

But what do you really want to do someday?

Here is a one simple thing for you to know what to do.

Create what you want to hear..Make your own words, phrases, dreams and decisions you want to be someday, here is how to do it.

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The Illusionist’s Secret (Having Great Confidence 3 Part Series)

What is an illusion? Basically it’s a distortion of senses.

What is a sense? It’s a mean for us to discern reality.

What is reality? It’s a true situation that exists.

What is a confidence then? It is a state of belief.

A belief for what? to reality or an illusion?

To make one person to become confident. He should master an art of illusion.

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Time is King (part 3)

Time waits for no one


Time is your greatest asset. For you cannot turn back time.

For many years of my existence this the one of the greatest lesson I learned in my life.

I admit I waste some of precious time I have by spending my time on the following

1. The Idiot box

Infographic tv

The chart says it all and you know it..the question is why we want to spent our day watching our favorite TV Series and latest celebrity gossips?

The answer maybe is…


Well escaping from reality is not bad actually..what should we do instead?


Reading indeed makes you evolve to something from nothing..
It will make you change what you want to become.
So choose what you read.
I think the way I think now because of the books i read yesterday.

read makes you smarter

What books you like to read that inspire and motivate you everyday?
Feel free to share..

Next topic will be how we become free from everything.

“Dont forget to live at your best each day.
We are all born to be a chosen one on our own way”

Make a blueprint in your life ( part 2)

Every beautiful or the most amazing structure you’d see each day starts from scratch.

It starts with an idea, but it needs to be laid on paper, to become a blueprint or else it is just a wishful thinking.


Your life too starts with an idea. Example would be your name itself, an intangible idea that you bear every single day. If having your name is possible meaning you can create a blueprint on what will happen to your life each day?

So how do we start then? pretty simple. Start first to track your daily activities.

2015-01-17 21.28.45

Pretty messy huh? Allow me to give you basic how to plan with simplicity

1. Write what you want to do each hour of your day
ex. ( 6:00am – wake up
6:30 -eat breakfast
7:00-8:00 travel to work
8:00-5:00pm work time
5:00-7:00 travel home
7:00 – 8:00 exercise
8:00 – 9:00 dinner with family
9:00 – 10;00 play with my kid
10:00 – 11:00 prepare to sleep

Very easy right? then add these questions on your planner

1. What went well?
Write a short phrase what went great today, write your accomplishments you have done

2. What are you grateful for?
Write any simple blessing you receive and appreciated today

3. Stop doing lists
What you want to stop that distracts you or losing your focus to achieve your goals

So thats it! do it one month straight and when you browse back the pages of your daily activities. you’ve realize how amazing and productive you are and you begin to create more bigger plans to your self.

stariway to heaven

There are wonderful things waiting for you behind the clouds. Just walk on it my friend.

“Dont forget to live at your best each day.
We are all born to be a chosen one on our own way”

How to stop being a loser (3 Part Series)

Ok, so this my undrafted unedited  first post on how to stop being a loser and win your life everyday.

I became a loser my self before but I was able to overcome it

By the way loser is not only about being bullied in school or you suck on playing basketball. Here are top categories to consider yourself as a loser.

1. Don’t know what to do with your life you are a loser
2. Your stuck with a job you hate you are a loser
3. Verbally bullied but you don’t fight back you are a loser
And many more, (feel free to add for your self by the way)

I Know you want to overcome this right? And you are tired on being insecure, anxious and feeling down on yourself every minute every time each day.

And I feel, whoever you are reading this page. so stop now on being a loser and act now!

Let’s get started then

1. What do you want in your life??

Picture yourself as a guided missile. It knows where it lands and no one can stop on his way. Thats what your plan should be. Start with the end..find what is your direction in life like this missle. And when you decide your target.. ACT NOW and make sure no one can stop you.

2. Write your Plan.
Making your plan without writing in paper is like writing in water.


No matter how amazing your plan is you put in water. It will just dissipates in time.

Just write your plan on any paper. always check it each day and stick to it.

On next part I will give you some tips how to make a perfect daily plan.

Any questions or comments feel free to post below.

“Dont forget to live at your best each day.
We are all born to be a chosen one on our own way”