Time is King (part 3)

Time waits for no one


Time is your greatest asset. For you cannot turn back time.

For many years of my existence this the one of the greatest lesson I learned in my life.

I admit I waste some of precious time I have by spending my time on the following

1. The Idiot box

Infographic tv

The chart says it all and you know it..the question is why we want to spent our day watching our favorite TV Series and latest celebrity gossips?

The answer maybe is…


Well escaping from reality is not bad actually..what should we do instead?


Reading indeed makes you evolve to something from nothing..
It will make you change what you want to become.
So choose what you read.
I think the way I think now because of the books i read yesterday.

read makes you smarter

What books you like to read that inspire and motivate you everyday?
Feel free to share..

Next topic will be how we become free from everything.

“Dont forget to live at your best each day.
We are all born to be a chosen one on our own way”


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