The Illusionist’s Secret (Having Great Confidence 3 Part Series)

What is an illusion? Basically it’s a distortion of senses.

What is a sense? It’s a mean for us to discern reality.

What is reality? It’s a true situation that exists.

What is a confidence then? It is a state of belief.

A belief for what? to reality or an illusion?

To make one person to become confident. He should master an art of illusion.

A Make-believe.

Who would believe you if you don’t believe yourself?

And if you don’t have a certain belief anyone can put their beliefs,principles that can destroy your true SELF.

So here are the great secrets of illusionists that can boost and express your true SELF.

1. Master the art of diversion

To make this more simple. Know your strengths and master it and show to them. Know your weaknesses and hide them. Make them believe that you don’t have any weaknesses. For if you always admit your weakness. They will exploit you on that certain attribute. (Remember bullies at school?) They are focusing on one certain trait of their victim (ex. glasses, braces. curly hair, thin, fat, too tall, to short,) But an illusionists skill is to make your weakness a strength. You’re wondering how to do it? here’s how

Illusion: You are a nerd because you wear glasses

Reality: I wear glasses because I’m smart

Illusion: Your curly hair is ugly

Reality: My curly hair is naturally fashionable.

I know you get my point. Don’t label yourself or accept if someone labels you to make you down or insecure.

You create your own reality, your thoughts your mind, your vision, your destiny.

A master illusionist can make everything into reality.

Best example will be on this illustration


Is it a illusion? Hell no. Whoever create these wonderful structures from hot and sandy desert is a Supreme Illusionist. And the truth is you can do it too.

Next post will be another secret recipe of a illusionist.

Just feel free to comment below

“Dont forget to live at your best each day.
We are all born to be a chosen one on our own way”


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