How to hack your mind deep to your subconsciousness (Having Great Confidence Series Part 2)

Sound creates your personality, Words define who you are each day. I know it and you know it as well.


Ear by broadstreetstudio

Thus everyday we here positive words that can build or uplift us.

But there are words that can drown or destroy us as well.

Hearing advices for you to make decisions are the best example for these


from Lifehacker

Do this and do that… those are the phrases you mostly hear.

But what do you really want to do someday?

Here is a one simple thing for you to know what to do.

Create what you want to hear..Make your own words, phrases, dreams and decisions you want to be someday, here is how to do it.

1. Write what you want to be someday. Visualize your ideal life

Example as follows:

I want to be a ______________someday. I have _______________on my bank account.

I will own a

Then write also what service can you do for you to have what you dream.

For me have __________________on my bank account. I will dedicate myself on __________.

You can also add other positive characteristics for yourself as well.

        Everyday I feel amazing
        I am confident, I am great

and so on..

After you have read these statements on paper. Here’s the most crucial part to make these work.

 Read these powerful words before you sleep, Read it again the moment you wake up

Also don’t just read them. Fill it with emotion as if you already possess the words you read.

Make sure that you read this daily. Don’t break the chain.

Slowly and surely the sound vibration from the words you read will reach deeply to your subconsciousness and molds your character, personality, desire to the person you want to be.

Do it and rest assure it will happen.

What powerful statements did you just wrote today?

Feel free to comment below

“Dont forget to live at your best each day.
We are all born to be a chosen one on our own way”


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